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Who We Are

We are a Wellington duo with a combined total of over 20 years experience in the Pro AV industry.

Jacob is a technical producer with more than a decade’s experience as an AV technician and a soundie. He enjoys the hands-on part of putting a show together, and will often be found on site as part of the crew, packing in and packing out, and/or behind the op-desk during a show, whether it is for operating the show or calling the shots. In a film production environment, you would most likely find Jacob with a pair of headphones and manning a microphone on a boom.

Ditha, who is also mostly known as Dee, took the plunge into the AV industry over 10 years ago, filling in a role in a production department. With a strong digital media design background which includes post-production and graphic design, plus extensive knowledge in presentation programs to add to that, she is responsible for graphics/visual presentation design and video production, bringing clients’ ideas and concepts onto screen. On a show, you will find Dee behind the op-desk driving the on-screen content of the show, and in a conference, she would the speaker support person who manages and distributes as well as checking and troubleshooting received presentation, and makes sure they get to the correct room at the correct time. In a film production environment, you would find Dee working on set, and/or on the edit suite for post-production work. Click here to see her past work.

We work well together as a team and individually, whether it is in a show environment as AV professionals, or as event photographers, or as part of a film production crew. We care about our work, and we deliver high quality work for our clients.

We love to show off our work, however due to the nature of restrictions and content, we cannot show all of our work.

Find us on Social Media

Instagram: @SilverDuckNZ

Facebook: SilverDuckNZ

YouTube: Silver Duck

Twitter: @SilverDuckNZ



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