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Throwback to Wellygeddon & see you Auckgeddon!

4 days til Auckgeddon, here’s a throwback to warm up with & we have a YouTube channel!

The Making of “DICKS” [48Hours 2016]

The making of “DICKS”, team Puppyguts’ 48hours 2016 short film.

Turning 1 and the past six months

Silver Duck turned 1 & the past 6 months.

Back at work in 2016

Back at work in 2016, plus some shots and projects over the holidays.

Looking back

Looking back at the fight photography skill progress and improvement.

Behind the scenes of “Beyond the Fridge”

Photos from behind the scenes of “Beyond the Fridge” – originally posted here. If you haven’t already done so, watch the film here. Enjoy.

Beyond the Fridge [Short Film]

Before there was Silver Duck, we joined Team PuppyGuts and worked on this film. Enjoy. We had such an amazing time working on this. Team name: Puppyguts Genre: Other Dimension Movie City: Wellington (NZ) Here are this year’s required elements: CHARACTER: Harper Harrison ‘thoughtless’ LINE: “oh really” PROP: Bread TECHNICAL

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