Back at work in 2016

We’re back! And we hope that everyone has a great start of the year. We’re back at work officially last week, after spending a bit of time to ourselves and had a relaxing holiday. We did a bit of experiments here and there during this time though.

For starters, we decided to make our own presents for the family and friends. Over at Dee’s blog post you can find what we made for them. At one point it did become a little overwhelming due to the fact that we were still working and training at full force until very close to Christmas day, and it left us with little time left to get it done. But in saying that, our effort paid off, we’ve received compliments on our DIY presents and we’re very happy to hear that.

Holiday time meant that we’d have time to attend to our own personal projects. J had a few waiting for him, he started the guitar pedal which he got the parts for since before things got really busy with work, while Dee had a bit of fun putting Star Wars Metal Earth model together (she did the AT-AT and the R2D2 model) while also working on another project that she put in the back-burner earlier last year. Both of us also still have model kits waiting to be done, but we are still in the process of getting all the needed materials together, so that would be projects for another time.

This holiday we managed to take some photos as well, while we like taking shots of random everyday moments, we managed to squeeze in some night shoots when the weather was calm. You can find the rest of the night photos at the Evening & Night Shots gallery. We hope to add night sky to the gallery some time in the future.

Another news, after taking awhile to get this done (we didn’t really have a chance to get this done after we started up as we got really busy straight away), we finally got our business cards printed!


We are now easing ourselves back into work mode, getting ready for when the busy times hit, and we already could see some skill challenges we’d face in this new year and we have started preparing mentally by experimenting, reading, and watching tutorials as well as researching. We’re really looking forward to what 2016 has in store for us, and we’ll share as much of our work as we can (and allowed).

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