The Making of “DICKS” [48Hours 2016]

This time around, 48hours was held in September instead of its usual slot in May (or April). It was a bit trickier than usual because of the amount of workload we had, and in the end Jacob didn’t join in the fun because he was away for work on that weekend. Team Puppyguts drew the genre Punk movie, and to be honest the news sent me browsing through my DVD/bluray collection as well as online for punk movies for inspiration on how I was going to edit it together.

I arrived on set around 3pm on Saturday, quite a lot later than what was originally planned, but I was able to get straight into it with setting up the on-set edit suite and got on with footage dump.

The shoot went through the night, as there were a lot of things to shoot, I didn’t see most of the shoot because it was happening while I was editing. I did catch some of the shoot when I needed a break because my shoulders were going numb, or I just need to get away from the screens for a little bit. We finished shooting around 4am on Sunday, and at the time I was pretty confident that I wasn’t too far off a rough cut. We went back to HQ and I continued editing. It was the first 48hours where I didn’t have any sleep, but I managed to spit out a rough cut by 8am.

After reviews and some directions later (because we had to shave about 2 minutes to get it under 5 minutes in duration), I finished a 2nd cut by 12pm, and then, had the finished cut ready for the finishing touches by 2pm, which was a personal record for me, and one that I’m very happy with. It was the most relaxed Sunday of 48hours I’ve ever had, and I was told that it was the same for the team too.

The team made it to the hand in with plenty of time to spare, and watched the countdown to the deadline. I think someone missed by a few seconds (you might be able to hear the start of that person shouting). I was tired, but was very happy with the film that we made.

If you haven’t already, check out the rest of the behind the scenes photos here, and watch our film below. Make sure you check out Puppyguts’ other films too 🙂

-Ditha Angraini

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