Capital Punishment 43 – Fight 7

Ajay “The Last King” Saeed (Namtu) vs Zen “Waffle” Neethling (MTI Wellington)

Event: Capital Punishment 43
Where: Te Rauparaha Arena
When: 21 July 2018


Contact to make an order with the photo selection, you can find the photo ID number below the photo when it’s enlarged.

The photos in your order will come with a license for personal, non-commercial, non-promotional use only. If you have questions regarding this, or wish to use the photos for any other purpose, please send us an email.

How much will it cost?

Single shots
Option 1: $3 per shot, 900px (long side), 72 dpi
Option 2: $7 per shot, 1200px (long side), 72 dpi
Option 3: $10 per shot, 3600px (long side), 300 dpi – also comes with the 900px file of the   selected photo for online usage

Highlight package
$27 for up to 10 pre-selected (by us) photos from this fight at 900px 72 dpi.

Hi-res Bundle
$45 for 5 photos (of your choice) from this fight at 3,600px 300 dpi (option 3).

Print options
Please talk to us if you wish to order prints, we can sort this out for you.

Please read before you make an order:

  • ALL photos will have a small logo (our signature) on one of the corners (it will be small and will not be intrusive to the photos).
  • These prices are for PERSONAL use only. If you are intending to use these photos for non-personal use, please contact us.
  • We will send you documents to review before finalising the purchase, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • Images will be sent to you after we have received your payment.
  • Prices on the list are GST inclusive.

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These photos are copyrighted materials and we reserve all rights to our photos, please read our Copyright Info.


Copyright © 2018 Silver Duck. All rights reserved.

Watch the video of this fight on MTI Wellington’s Youtube channel.

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