Interview with Promised Land Tales

Love is love.

We talked to Chaz Harris, one of the Co-founder of Promised Land Tales at Wellington Armageddon Expo about their amazing work creating the beautifully illustrated LGBTQ inclusive fairy tales, and hearing about what drives them to create the books.

“If you don’t see yourself in stories, you don’t see yourself in the world”

Promised Land Tales will be at the 2019 Wellington Armageddon Expo, make sure you visit their booth and check out their work.

Check out Promised Land Tales books work on their website, FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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Shout out to our amazing behind the scenes cameras & photographers Paul Johanson and Marlena Wasiak.

Music: Let’s Run Away by Vexento

Special thanks for some of the gear we used at this event: NitroFilm

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