First Look – Wellington Cosplay Photo Fest

We recently participated in Wellington Cosplay Photo Fest, a collaborative cosplay photography event hosted in the heart of Wellington city, inspired and modelled to Fotocon and Pixelmania in Europe.

Here’s the first look at all the shoot that we did. Massive thanks to the awesome cosplayer and the event organizers for this amazing weekend.



Honoka Kousaka (Love Live!)
Cosplayer Charlotte’s Cosplay Cove

Zoe (League of Legends)
Cosplayer Charlotte’s Cosplay Cove
Cosplay made by Kitasai

Himiko Toga (My Hero Academia)
Cosplay by Stowaway Sews

Sailor Rannoch (Tali (Mass Effect) / Sailor Moon)
Cosplayer Pohutukaryl Cosplay
Cosplay commissioned from Sailor Anything

Faora-Ul (Man of Steel)
Cosplay by Alea Workshop

Regina Mills (Once Upon a Time)
Cosplay by Professional Noob Cosplay

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